Amanda has all the students in her 7th grade math class... together. And they are ALL challenged. Hear how she practices deliberate differentiation to meet the needs of each student. 

We have all had disruptive students in class, but have you ever had that student? The student who could throw a chair at your head or have a good day? Sometimes, those students need more support than we can give them in the general education classroom. In this episode, Jess Beattie, discusses teaching students with behavior and emotional disabilities. 

Laura Booher shares her ELLoquent Speaker Series where former students come back and discuss life with current students. 

In this episode of Turn and Talk, Gina Ramon discusses how her relationships with her students not only help them in the classroom but have also helped restore her own confidence. 

I am joined by Abby Ramos-Stanutz who shares what's going on in her classroom. 


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